Hall of Fame the years - 1959 - 1964 -
Above, Bruce Mclaren takes the flag in 1959
60 years on

The symbolic Shield has been redesign this year to represent Bruce Mclarens 1959 win.

It utilizes the Cooper T45 Climax Mclaren in the main logo with a redesigned shield that reflects Bruces original logo.


You can find out more here about Bruce Mclaren and is amazing feats:


We are pleased to announce that this year’s McKeown Petroleum Waimate 50 Motorsport Festival will feature a celebration of 60 Years - Being NZ's longest stadning street race as worn by Bruce Mclaren in 1959 below.

The weekend will be all about the street with the best drivers from around NZ- The North VS South, and all the entertainment on and off the track - A rich proud History this year will be the one not to miss. 


This is going to be the best Waimate 50 there has ever been.


The bucket list event for any motorsport person in NZ to attend 



Festival goer



If you are looking for a Challenging track that tests your limits as a driver mentally this is it!




Rob Aikman - Event Director


a stable growth platform for NZ Motorsport with the most iconic street race is a privilege to be apart of 




Brendon White - D1NZ Director


The ‘Waimate 50’ was born 1959 with the inaugural street race held on the 31st of January that year. With
wide streets, central location and a council fully behind the event that Waimate was the perfect place to host the New Zealand Championship event. Thousands of people packed the Waimate streets looking for the best vantage points possible.


The feature race was the ‘Waimate 50’ being 50 laps of the 1.3 mile circuit that navigates its way through the central business area of the small South Canterbury town. Many renowned drivers of the day featured in this race most notably a young Bruce McLaren who would go on to win the first ever Waimate 50.

Waimate 50 Motorsport Inc. was formed in 1992 following a very successful 25th anniversary Waimate 50
street race in 1991 – the committee at that time consisted of approximately 20 members. An estimated
15,000 people attended that 1991 event and as such it was decided to host the “Waimate 50′ every second

Our principal aim is to restore the famous street race the ‘Waimate 50’ and the Ellis-Lea Farms Invitational
goes a long way in achieving this very important goal. We are very grateful for all the tremendous support
from sponsors, businesses and the people of Waimate to be currently the only street race left in New


Famous moment in Waimate 50's history when Ernie Sprague whilst trying to achieve the fastest lap for pole position in 1966 crashes his Mk3 Zephyr into the wall on turn one - the mural that we commissioned in 2011 is on this very wall and celebrates the Sprague Zephyr, Silvester Coup, Paul Fahey Lotus Cortina, Ray Archibald Jaguar and Rod Coppins V8 MK2 Zephyr - all famous names who have raced here.

hall of

Waimate 50 - 50 laps

1959 - 1st - Bruce McLaren - Cooper Climax no. 47

           2nd  - Ross Jensen - Maseratti

           3rd  - Syd. Jensen - Cooper

Words from Bruce McLaren - "I arrived at a right hander to find the blue Maseratti (Ross Jansen) parked backwards on the pavement , with Ross trying frantically to get back on the street...."  

The Waimate 50 would be McLaren's first major win

fastest lap 1m.13.7

Race time 70 minutes


1960 - 1st  Johnny Mansel - Maserati

            2nd Pat Hoare - Ferrari

            3rd Syd Jensen - Cooper


1961 - 1st Pat Hoare - Ferrari

            2nd A. Hyslop - Cooper

            3rd T. Shelly - Cooper


1962 - 1st -  Jim Palmer - Lotus Ford

            2nd - Pat Hoare - Ferrari  

            3rd - T. Shelly - Cooper


1963 - 1st - Jim Palmer - Lotus Ford

            2nd - T. Shelly - Cooper

            3rd - R. Lewis - Cooper


1964 - 1st - A. Buchanan - Brabham Ford

            2nd - T.Shelly Lotus 

             3rd - K. Sager - Lotus Ford


1965 - 1st J. Riley - Lotus

            2nd - W. Thomasen - Brabham

            3rd - A. Buchanan - Brabham Ford


1966 - 1st - I.W Dawson -  Brabham

            2nd - D Hollier - Lotus Ford

            3rd - J. Boyd - Lycoming  


To the side Bruce McLaren takes the chequered flag in 1959

nz road race-1959 bRUCE mCLAREN.png
another legend of the waimate 50 - Grant Silvester in  his Coup